• What is Estonia Experience?

    Estonia Experience is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the country that Wired magazine called "the most advanced digital society in the world." Read more about why we believe Estonia is one of the most unique business environments of the XXI century.


    During this trip, you'll meet the startups, entrepreneurs and tech visionaries that are changing how the world thinks about governance, banking, legislation, security, nationalities, travel, and more. Stroll through Europe's oldest and virtually intact medieval city, and understand the history and cultural elements that led this tiny post-soviet nation to become one of the biggest forces of innovation of the XXI century.


    Write to us to hello@estoniaexp.com or fill the form to learn about how we can provide a private, customized experience for your company, association, or school.

  • "e-Estonia is the most ambitious project in technological statecraft today, for it includes all members of the government, and alters citizens’ daily lives. The normal services that government is involved with—legislation, voting, education, justice, health care, banking, taxes, policing, and so on..."


    The New Yorker - "Estonia, the Digital Republic"

    "In 2000, Estonia became the first country in the world to declare Internet access a basic human right—much like food and shelter. That same year it passed a law giving digital signatures equal weight to handwritten ones. That single move created an entire paperless system."


    Fortune - "Is This Tiny European Nation A Preview Of Our Tech Future?"

    “Change is coming,” wrote Korjus. “Crypto tokenization will alter the nature of our world whether we act or not, so we must ensure we are taking a lead and that is already happening in Estonia.”


    World Economic Forum - "Estonia Just Revealed Three Uses For Its Proposed National Cryptocurrency"

    "To date over 20,000 people from around the world have applied, with many of them doing so to take advantage of the digital platform the Estonian government has created to support businesses, and especially the ability to open and run a global EU based company completely online, regardless of your location in the world."


    Forbes - "How Estonia Became The Digital Leader Of Europe"


  • Benefits


    Meet other executives and entrepreneurs as passionate as you about tech innovation in governments, finance, information security, and more.

    New Ideas

    Get exposed to Estonian methods and solutions that can trigger new ideas to implement in your businesses and society.


    Learn about the challenges that sparked the Estonian entrepreneurial culture and become a teacher of innovative thinking in your own culture.

    Fun times

    It doesn't get much better than people-meeting, mind-stimulating, city-strolling, nature-watching in Estonia. Get ready to create some great memories!

  • 10 Facts about "e-Estonia"

    1. First country to create an "electronic residency" program.
    2. First country to implement online voting.
    3. First country to declare Internet a social right.
    4. Estonians can check government's expenses online.
    5. Estonian ID gives access to +4000 online services.
    6. All schools are connected to the internet since the 90's.
    7. First country to offer a "digital nomad" visa.
    8. Founding member of the Digital 9, a network of the leading digital governments of the world.
    9. Estonia opened the world’s first data embassy in Luxembourg​.
    10. There's 4G coverage in the middle of the forest.
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  • What is included?

    • Accommodation in a centrally located hotel or apartment with private room
    • Daily breakfast
    • Welcome and farewell dinner
    • Airport transfer upon arrival and departure
    • Transportation throughout the program
    • Local SIM card with calls and data

    • Guided visits to Estonian organizations and presentations
    • Network with other international entrepreneurs and executives
    • Guided historical tour through the Old Town of Tallinn
    • Evening social activities
    • Weekend activities

  • Enterprise

    Customized private trips

    for companies, associations and schools


    Inquire at hello@estoniaexp.com or fill the form and we will get back to you.

  • Who leads Estonia Experience?

    Carlos Miceli is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and lifelong learner from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2015, he became the first Argentinian e-Resident of Estonia while living and working in Tallinn, and was asked to present his story as a case study during the early phase of the e-Residency program. In 2019 he was granted an Estonian Startup Visa. He has spoken at many institutions worldwide, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and more. Apertura magazine, the most important business magazine of Latin America, named Carlos a Top Leader of Argentina Under 35. Learn more about him at carlosmiceli.com.

    Kadri Timuska, born and raised in Estonia, is a Campus Recruiter at TransferWise and has a degree from Tallinn University. She is passionate about global trends in the HR sector, languages, learning methodologies, and event management. She was a Board Member in AEGEE-Tallinn where she organized multiple international events as well as took part in event management workshops throughout Europe. She speaks fluent Estonian, English, Russian, and basic German and Spanish.

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